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Wheat Grass Extract, Milk Protein and Walnut Shell grain.
Zever’s Bio Naturals COBRA Skin Renewal Facial Treatment is also based on the concept of cell regeneration and skin renewal. Enriched with highly concentrated and potent Bio-stimulants Wheat Grass Extract and Milk Protein Concentrates, Cobra Skin Renewal Facial Treatment is an instant skin Renewal Treatment that helps your Skin to get relieved from dryness, loads of dead skin cells, dullness, premature ageing, fatigue  and lifelessness in no time. Zever’s Bio Naturals  COBRA - Skin Renewal facial Treatment induces a new life and newer youthfulness to your skin. This facial Treatment works like magic on your face. It’s natural actives quickly penetrates the deeper layers of skin and instantly starts skin nourishment, rapid cell regeneration and relaxation of skin muscles leading to a renewed, youthful, fresh, soft, smooth, shiny and radiant skin.  
An Instant skin Regeneration Facial Treatment for a younger looking new and radiant skin. Zever’s Bio Naturals - COBRA is an Instant and Quick Skin Renewal Facial Treatment for Dry, Sensitive and Ageing skin types. Cobra and other snakes have the ability to regenerate and renew their skins periodically and every year they shed off their old, worn out, dry & wrinkled skin and regenerate a new, smooth, shiny and vibrant skin.
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